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.Feb 14, 2011 ' 12:25 PM Y

Dear my so long blog.. I will update you soon as soon as im done with this hectic life. In 2 months. I might be writing again.. All the vacations..All the adventure. =)

.Oct 12, 2010 ' 11:57 PM Y


Wow! No updates for 2 months? =) I guess i have been busy. Life's good. Uni life's doing fine. Despite of all the assignments and tests. Love life's doing fine. Still go for a jam with the band sometimes. My tuition classes will end soon this October. Lookin forward to that. Being a tutor really fills up most of my time. Teaching those students like almost everyday. Imagine that? Well at least i get paid for it. One real good thing about it. Saved up alot for my December vacation trip. =) cant wait! What have i been doing for these past two months? i dont know. I enjoyed my puasa and raya tho. Happy as always!

Things changed a bit these days. Life's treating me good till i don't bother to update anything anymore. Im just happy the way things are. Not that i don't have any bad days at all. I think im handling it well as always. Alhamdulillah. Im still this person who will not stay up late just to think about bad things in life. When things go bad, i'll just say everything's gonna be alright. Haha. =D Thank you for the people around me for being awesome. You too sayang! You have been great. Gudnite!

Here's a video of me and my band with our latest single "terus bersama" at pesta convo UBD! enjoy.

.Jul 27, 2010 ' 2:03 AM Y


Hello people. Now when it comes to vacation and travel. I can talk about it all day and not get tired of it. Hear my story =) Though the adventures in Phuket was like two weeks ago but it is still fresh in my mind. I hear a saying "Phuket, Thailand is a heaven on earth", well now i know how true that is. I just love traveling to the unfamiliar places, to all the places that i have never been to and especially the beaches. One of my aims is to travel to all the sexy beaches of the world. Phuket is one of them. A true paradise!

It was our second time traveling and backpacking together. Last time was Langkawi in Malaysia and KL too. So both of us never been to Phuket. I have been to Bangkok, but it was surely not the same. We arrived in LCCT airport around evening and our flight to Phuket was the next morning so we have to checked in somewhere first. We stayed at this ghetto liked airport transfer budget hotel in Salak Tinggi. Since Tunes hotel near LCCT was full.

You dont go for expensive hotel when you go backpacking. Now the hotel was like $ 60 brunei dollar which i thought is still expensive for a budget hotel. Because the room was very basic. But it was okay, the thing that i really liked about it is they have all these 24 hours restaurant and we can lepak there all night. At that time lagi masih world cup fever so inda berijap lah tampat atu. Chill berabis. The hotel provide free transfers from and to the airport too so its worth it.

Our flight was very early in the morning. We had breakfast at the airport and Gardenia from Brunei with Nutella. Haha membari kesian. We bawa milo packet dari rumah jua and curi hot water from cofee bean at the airport. Oh well it was fun and can saved alot =)

It was a 2 hour flight and yea we arrived in Phuket town before noon. We also checked in at the hostel in Phuket town. Grand Thavorn Plaza is the name. Which is SUPER cheap for a basic accomodation. Ada swimming pool, internet connections. All of that for only $22 brunei for one night. Amazingly cheap!

We did not waste much of the time. We had a rest for a bout an hour and straight away go crusing around phuket town. We also lapar at that time, seriously lapar and we dont even know where to eat. The thing about Phuket is everyone was very friendly, from the hotel to the street all welcomed you with a smile and nice greetings. I thought that, it would be like macam berijap but no, not here. Its very warm and welcoming and it felt like you dont have to be scared of anything. Above is the so called "TUK-TUK" taxi that will bawa u around the phuket town. But at that time, we just wanted to walk and exploring the old beautiful town.

We were approached by this friendly cab driver and told us that he's gonna give us a ride to interesting places in Phuket town just for THB200 which is about $8. It was very kind of him. But when it comes to shopping, i really think that Bangkok is far more cheaper. The transportation will surely be cheaper than that also. I guess since Phuket is a resort of tourist attraction, the price is higher.

The first stop was the China Town. They still have this old style sino-portugese houses yg dulu2. And it was very nice to see. Can u see the door? They have that with different colours and style.

A very historical buildings. Exploring the cultures and history of a country is also such a nice thing to do. When u start to explore more than you'll get to to know the place better. =)

Most of the people is Buddhist in religion. You can see banyak temples there and here's one one of them.

Outside of the big temple they have this very big yellow Buddha statue. And when we went inside they have a bigger one. Haha!

We didnt make it to the butterfly park because we were tired and lapar. So went back to our hotel and they have this social room. They have all the hot water, plates and glasses for us. We makan pop mee sja for your info. Because we couldnt find halal restaurant around phuket town.

The next morning was another adventure. We headed to the Bangpae waterfall. We booked it earlier online. The tour guide picked us from our hotel. Bisai, pagi-pagi udah i have to hike up the hill just to see the waterfall. Lalah!! Membawa lagi bag basarr. Haha.

But in the end, when seeing the beautiful waterfall, you totally forgot how tired you were and enjoyed the scenery. The water was ice-cold and calming. Beautiful!

They also have this gibbon rehab project. Gibbon is a type of monkey with long hands and can sing. Thats from what i have read. Here, they caught a a gibbon and take care of them and let them go afterwards. Its kinda like preserving them? it is against the law of Thailand to keep a Gibbon or selling it or buying it.

They are so cute! They named them too.

And one of them is named "HONEY" . Haha. C baby told me i looked like one. HAHAHA. cali! *sarcastic*

And then the OX-ride! palui nie OX-ride ah. I never thought it would be that scary. Macam kan tumbang bah rasanya. All around i never let go of my hands. Bepigang tah all the way arah kayu nya atu. Mcm urg apa teriak2. Haha. It was a great experience to ride an OX. But i wud never want to do it again. Sorry! =)

The elephant ride was far more FUN than that OX-ride! =) We did jungle trekking with those elephant. Lalu rivers and the woods all that. Ohh i soo want to do that again.

I get to feed the baby elephants too. So cute. Jumbo! And then we check out of the hotel in Phuket town and headed off to Patong.

Patong is a part of Phuket. More famous for its beautiful beach (Patong Beach). Most of the tourists stay here. Kirakan mcm bukit bintang di KL lah and yes happening berabis!! Huge difference in terms of its suasana compared with Phuket town. Phuket town was more laid back and basically historic but Patong..Where the real FUN begins!! =D

You dont want to go for cheap hotels here. In my case i want to feel the paradise so i choose hotel yg makes me feel like one. I fell in love with La Flora Patong. Go google it now. You'll fell in love with it like me too. This is not our honeymoon. Our honeymoon will be better. Inshallah. Hehe. But hell yea it feels like one. Our room was pool excess deluxe. So we can have excess to the pool just a few steps out of our bedroom door. Just like u see in the picture. Waaa.. sakai ku time atu! On top of that, just a few walks down was that beautiful Patong beach. The hotels is exactly infront of the beach. So we can enjoy the beach just for a few mins walk. Breath-taking!

The welcome bracelets made form real flowers. It was really nice. The staffs were very friendly. The price is like sama mcm Empire hotel per night but you don't have this d empire. Im in love with this place so much!! Hmm..I soo wanna go there again. We went straight to the beach after a few minutes rest and main the water sports. Jet ski was fun but i dont have the pictures just yet pasal i used the waterproof disposable camera arah water. So kodak nya balum tah lagi tecuci. Hehe.

After siuk udah and puas dah main arah the beach we go cruising. Above is the Muay Thai advertisement. Muay Thai is a thai boxing which was quite a must-see things but we didnt make it coz we the time was not right.

The soi-bangla road! Sepanjang2nya open air bars! The place was packed with urg putih.

Everything was within a walking distance. So we just walked and walked and walked until we ngalih. =)

Surprisingly, we can find halal foods easily here. Because the arabs people banyak di sini jua pun. The kebab nyaman! =) and yes the price is to be expected higher here. Kan sama harganya mcm di brunei kebab nya ah. $4 lah jua. Which in Bangkok should be cheaper.

We walked till night time and haha. Thailand is so famous with their lady boys. and we found one! The simons carbaret they called them. Bida ah yg sorang atu. Ewww! And careful with them, they act like that they're friendly and all and asked us to take pictures with them and then in the end they want tips. =D We called it a night and decided to have a good rest because the next day was our islands hopping day.

Excited much. You must go to all these islands when ure in Phuket. Its another must-thing to do. And all the blue sea beaches will definitely take you away. I get obsessed with it too!

The first island was Phi-Phi island, Maya Bay! This was where Leonardo De caprio filmed his movie "The Beach" When i saw that movie i asked myself if that place in the film was for real. And yes it is REAL!! And no words could describe how beautiful that place is. =') Real paradise i would say.

Take a looked at that water. It was very clear and i dont even know what to say!

I love it!! i love it!!

I love you sayang for sharing these experience! i guess searching for a paradise like this is what we are meant to do. We both just love it!!

We also took a peek on the James Bond Island where the james bond filmed his movie. =)

This is a cave fulled with birds nest for sale.

We went snorkeling, and you can see the fishes clearly.

After that we went to Monkey Islands. Byk monkey and when we try to feed them with that sikui ia naik arah kami punya boat and everyone was like screaming takut. Haha. Mun seekor inda jua anie byk so yea it was kinda dangerous. That monkey can gigit you, you know.

And finally arah Khai island, here we get to relaxed more. Just sit down and enjoy the scenary limpang2. For your info, Most of the Phuket islands were severly affected by Tsunami in 2004 and surprisingly, by looking at the islands, you dont even know that it really happened there. They build it up back fast. =)

I was enjoying my coconut and jagung panas. Hehe. I would come here again and explore more islands. Went back to our hotel around 5 pm. Sexy beaches, will come back to you again!

At night, we decided to go to their biggest shopping mall, Jungceylon. They have that big ship infront of the mall. Lawa. We didnt go for a shopping tho!

we Main bowling tapinya. =) The bowling alley was great. Mcm club ada jua usulnya. All The lights and the musics. Mcm kan clubbing. Hehe

And also, the simulators gun was fun. Mcm gun banar2, the real size, real sound. But the bullets were not real.

Go makan arah arabic food after that and shisha. It was our last night in Phuket.

We walked and tejumpa hard-rock cafe! We went back to KL the next morning! =)

Hey baby. Thanks for everything. I Love you. Its good to have you beside me experiencing all these things. We were so good at this. =) We had a shoot at the Patong Beach. And every-time i looked at the pictures, i can only remember hapiness and calmness. You dont think of anything else except for the beauty of those beaches.

It was a perfect getaways for us. Away from all the stresses and tensions. The workloads and all. The perfect vacations i would say. You people should go there too. If you love the fun and beaches, its one of the place you could go to and that place wont let you down. The sound of the waves, the feel of the wind, the friendly nice people that you will meet, the parties that never ends, it would take you to another place that you'll always remember.

PHUKET 2010.

p/s : Next post will be on our trip to KL, malaysia. Panjang bah so i will do it next time. enjoy. =)

.Jun 29, 2010 ' 2:41 PM Y


BBQ Pantai Berakas with d'crowds..

i love sands and beaches!


The day was HOT! =p

We had fun tho some others couldnt make it!

"The JP mini amp gig with eF.."

It was awesoommee..!!

Performed 5 songs including eF latest single "shades of gray"

i enjoyed myself too much sampai i wasnt aware what i was doing and saying on that stage.Hee!

Thanks to all of you who came and support eF and me and others. Appreciate it alot.

Yg menyampati jua.Hehe.Thnx amal and niz! =)
Here's me and eF singing JOURNEY!

BBQ with Yas Family..

Family time is the "bestest" time.. hehe!

Mama's family came too meramai2..

sama my big bro in red.

Sis in law with bro!

all my cute little nephew and nieces. *damai*

And you're always there. =)

Izz and lil sis!

I love sands and beaches. (haha..again!)

I made this. did i? akun saja tia..Haha!

"Surabaya Indonesia Vacation.."

Second week of my holiday. Surabaya, Indonesia!

Seriously?? Basketball player is like double my size??

The Mc D was super cheap! We eat alot sana.

We both so addicted with that "frozen yogurt" best ice-cream ever. Everytime we jalan we never missed buying it.

sex and the city 2!! we watched it. Nice one.

Owh babah pajal me to nyanyi arah that mall ada urg main band so babah suruh. Barimalu.Kana liat uleh byk indonesian ppl.But no one knows me, well thats the good thing! So menyanyi siuk sendiri lah.HAHA!

This shop lawa! =)

It was my second time going to surabaya and this statue still looked the same. Inda growing. Haha.

Rugby Tourney..

SHARKS joined the tourney. I was too busy to go for the rugbytraining so i did not joined but they did real good.

And hanging out with them after, to catch up on things! =) SHARKS boys will be playing for PKS kah?? this thursday so do come and support!

Panjang my post! Bah till then.

My holiday was great.

p/s : :) thanks.. you!


-call her YAS 4short
-November 9th is d birthday
-UBD (B.science edu Major: Chemistry, Minor : Maths)
-Loves to have fun!!
-Singing is the passion..
-To travel around the world is the dream.


Anything that makes me happy =)



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