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.Nov 14, 2009 ' 9:31 PM Y


This might be my last update till exam abisss! =) Exam starts 24th of Nov and im stressed out udahh.Damn! Anywaaayy..here you go..We joined the UBD amazing race masa atuu.FUN! FUN! FUN! And we got the 7th place out of 28 teams.Wohooo.. Thats a big achievement for us.Top ten bah tuuu..hard work! hahaha..

Gila berabiss the activities and all..Our first stunt yg mentally and physically challenging berabiis.We were so unlucky that we got that first stunt.We hafto like do the 10 hurdles and then 50 skips.Wheel borrowss...continouslyyyyyy!! I was soo out of breath (baik jua udah jogging 3 days beforee..haha..stamina lah tu kunun..like it really helps!! ) hehe..

My team includes c baby.C mina.C mukee..crazey ppl in one team.Lum batah udah kmi ketawa2.Haha! di sini sja kmi kana gmbar psl ada c Reme.Haha.tnx reme for the photos.Rah len nada kmi kana gmbarr.Stunt pling payah apanahh? Menjait manikk..stress tah sorang2 psl i dun noe how to sew.mun ku pandai inda ku ngantar baju ku di kadai me-manikkan.Bek jua ada c Mina.. =D Hahaha.

We had a great time! Hugs! =) good teamwork guys.Nxt tym we go crazy again.Inda apa nada $5000.next yer again! hehe.

Guess why we were posing like this? psl nya i named my team "MISIN RUMPUT" hahaha! How random is that??..hehe..cz i was out of ideas what to name the team.


And last week.was it last week? Yes last week i think. RUGBY TOURNAMENT @ kompleks sukan Mumong
The first match was us HAMMERHEADS with PYTHONS from KB.It was early like very early.The nyt before lgi i was at my cuz's mliat ceta antu pai subuh.So that early morning mcm i was soo sloww.Barat rasanya kan belari a.Hehe!

Owhh.look at that.apaa? Baju kmi bah lawaa.Hahaha.

Me on action.i wonder where's everyone???

Touched!! =D after tghri..the 2nd session RED BULL saved me! Barutahh active.and hyperr!

Go Hammerheads!

Fizzy and my baby was there to support! (cia krg` ucap urg kaki lampuh adalah.haha!)

We came third.Yay!! Jaditahh.Out of 3 teams.Haha.suspenn..

Its not the winning that we aim.But the experience and team work dat we built in this team.so im proud of the team! =) love u ppl.Anak2 SHARKS.Haha.

We had FUN. =) walaupun sebnrnya the day was hot.congrats to mina for the "best player" you go girl!

What a day!! Bah off i go now``` till then! =)
QUOTES of the day "sports makes a healthy mind!" Haha.Duh` boringg.. =p

.Nov 11, 2009 ' 8:20 AM Y

"9th of November - 21"

I officially turned 21? =) Happy birthday to me! Hehe.
Big thanks to my family (my nini especially! for the so mucchh food). My UBD friends for the b'day surprise. My best F for the present (love the dress babe! hehe).

And special thanks to my Sayang,for this cute and sweet sleeping beauty cake! And also the acoustic b'day song that u played for me =') i love you` i was touched by that.really! thank you baby.

I knowwww...21 and still a princess? no..no..Haha..perasan sja baa..but i will always be.. in his heart.Hugs baby! I dun get to post my other b'day cake psl balum kana upload gmbar aa..Haha.(taylor swift.. =D)

As i turned 21.Im still me! Thats the best damn thing.Family and friends for the LOVE! Life's been good and i pray for this hapiness to never ends. =') i love you ppl so much` THANK you!

.Nov 4, 2009 ' 12:58 PM Y

"Beach Boutique : Escape to paradise vol 4.0"

It was a last minute plan! Like a week before the event kmi mem-plan aa.. =) Kesana on the 31st and blik on the 1st of november (waaa novemberr udah!! getting bz each day) but i always find the time to PLAY! hehe..
Talking about Labuan.Its the partaayyyy im talking about!

The last tym i went labuan was back 2005 band performance sana?? batah udah tuu..

Sampai ke sana straight away ke Manikar.It was a 30 min drive from the terminal.N laparr kami at the tym psl inda sampat membali food.C-boy tu punya psl! Haha.Excited as we got there!

Hotel nya anie lagi apa.Resort tah krg! telipun dlm room pun nada.TV nada bechannel.haha! Hotel rates = less than one star!

we ordered the food arah the hotel and it took like more than 45 min to sampai.damn! nasib jua nada kadai lain and aku laparr banar tym atu.mun inda mental ku udah!

The party started udah but we went down around 10ish kli..

The dancing part was FUNNN!! =)

He was having FUUNNN!!

we wer having FUNNNN! Hehe.

Crashing the pool after nalehhh hang udahh! like the pool was ours.Waa.

And the funny part was lapas 3 subuh kami naik dah ke hotel tidurrrrr nyaman2 and found out the next morning dat our room key was still begantung di luar..hahahaha! Inda jua sadarr g tuu..Nasib nada urg masuk ke bilik!

Checked out around 8.30 am in the morning and off to bandar nya! Awal banarrr.palau masih!

Masih jua mcm biasa Labuan anie nothing much wen it comes to shopping.Nada kan di bali.nada kan di liat.buringg!

Tour tah kunun!

Ke muzium.Hahaha!

Boat kami g pukul 1.30 batahhhhhh...!

Went back home around 3p.m. Lalah.Tidurr sampai pagi esuknya!


-call her YAS 4short
-November 9th is d birthday
-UBD (B.science edu Major: Chemistry, Minor : Maths)
-Loves to have fun!!
-Singing is the passion..
-To travel around the world is the dream.


Anything that makes me happy =)



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