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.Jul 30, 2009 ' 11:37 AM Y

"Best one will always be the best"

I was out wif Mai lastnyt. =) its been a while dah us nda meet up and updating stories.sooo yea.out we go go!! =D

Decided to go makan arah Taurean cafe,Gdg.Wuhuu so much stories` i miss high school and college where i get to see u everyday and story byk2.Hehe.Uve never been forgotten dear! ever.. =')

And then window shopping jab after dat. =)

I had a great tym jln wif u jua babe.Nanti again.K? I always love you. *hugs*
p/s : Distance wont break the true friendship

.Jul 29, 2009 ' 10:59 AM Y

"KOP comes to Asia 2009-Singapore"

Singapore was FUN!! =) but it surprised me a little lang cz wen we got arah the airport,no temprature check at all.Urg2nya pun nada makai mask anie bah.

Group photo arah airport.

Anyway we tgl arah PARK ROYALE, Beach road,That place wasnt that familiar 2me cz usually we tgl arah near Orchard road,so Beach road is quite far (na plg jauh banarrr!) from the famous shopping complex but i think the reason the travel agent chose this place was because its nearer to the National stadium.

The Lobby

That first day we go tour2 around the area la.My skills on map reading was put on a test!! Dem i hate reading maps! Map yg lawa atu jdi burukk bah by the end of the day.Haha! We went to these places lah nearby.

Arab Street

Bugis Mall.Cali namanya! haha.

Then kan me and Ireni decided kan jln arah Orchard road jln2 sja.We din used taxi and haha.The worst of the worst.It wasnt my first tym using LRT anie but ntah LRT setiap negeri atu mcm lain x bah.It took us an hour plus kli to get to the place dat we wanted to.Crazy!! mana nda salah2 sjaa..Haha! salah masuk train n all.But we made it!! =) nda dpt join amazing race kmi a.Awal kana eliminate f ikut.Hehe.

The house of the cartoon "UP" jadi real d orchard road! hehe.

And then mlm nya we went rah Chijmes to joined the liverpool's party rah this bar called Harry's.Ragat lah the place! =) If u wanna go for fine dinings,that place wud b one of the greats!

They renovate the historical church jadi restaurants i think!

The view of Harry's bar&rest from atas.Lawa.

Kalau d Brunei mcm Le'stadium kan? D sana Harry's catula.where the liverpool fans get-together la.

And then i remembered kaka emah told me this place named Clarke.N ia said this place pun lawa also.So since i was already there.Ku bwatah jua Ireni anie round sana.i wanted to see it for myself too! and true dat place was niceee``` =) Romantic aa tmpt makan nya a..Bcandles2 a.Ada river lagi tuu.Mcm kianggeh bandar but the cooler version.Haha.

Tireeedd after that long sightseeeing and stuffs! Naleh kli aa jalan kaki atuu and the trains! But worth it! =) Nyaman tidur pas atuu..Hehe.

The next day pgi we went shopping berabisan since suknya kmi balik and ptg relax sja kmi swimming psl mlm nya THE Match! and He loves swimming. ;)

Excited berabis for the match.LIVE waaa tuu. =p hehe.Went to the stadium around 4p.m and pikir kmi awal tah kmi atu udah.But wen we got there,the Stadium was half-fulled udah.Especially arah the East Stand.So na tah kmi ampit duduk d bwh jauuuhh tah di atass.But okay still.. =) So many ppl wearing reds.Ragat eyh.siukkk!!!

My advise dont wear MAN UTD t-shirt when u arah liverpool match! Masa d sana one yg makai man utd atu sengaja cari chaos by wearing it and kana halau waa leh the security.Hehe.And Liverpool die hard fans screaming "MAN U SUCK! MAN U SUCK!" bari watirrr aa..

Too bad Gerrard nada.. =( i wanted to watch him play`

went back hotel and packed psl blikk esuknyaaa.! =D

VS airport.Till nxt tym spore!
p/s : Another experience that i wud alwys remember!

.Jul 23, 2009 ' 3:05 PM Y


I'd say yesterday was funny! =D i cant stop laughing about this picture and more pictures dat i dun rele wanna post. Haha. Kmi main "dyg senandung" effect` =p eyh yg negetive atu bah.mcm nda phm sjaaa.Tawa2..lps atu tawa g.Pas tu naleh tidurrrr.Suweet c-Chapati.hahaha! U ppl dun get it? nda pyh understand den .. =)

Anyway Mina texted me dat ptg kan suruh join going bandar again for kambing and soto.But i cudnt make it cz of dz project of mine and all dis research thing.Dem! But minaa u punya psl nie.I cant get off Soto out of my head after dat.Plus.Nda semana2 ku craving sushi tah lgi.Im not rele a fan of sushi but ntah eyh.tesliur brabis kuuu.haha.

So yessss! i went out and eat. =D haha.Take away escapade sushi and SOTO HJ SABAN! Hahaha.! =D cali eyh.Dat was my first tym going to that garai lang.*Him* recommend.The soto was okay.Bulih laa. =D

Went back early and continue duin the research.i remember When my lecturer first explained to me.I was like 'AHHHHHH...apaa?? apakan? apakan tuu? What??' bangang!! i hafto whatt? Do it on my own without any lab manual? hw do i suppose to know all the procedures? panic tah ku brabis.But thank god i managed to motivate myself dat i CAN do this. =) antam tah sja.Hehe.

The exciting thing about it is im learning to do all the practicals on my own.Which is a gud thing ryt? ryt???? *convincing myself* psl apa tu nahh?? psl besanyaaa..i haf my frens to discuss cz we usually werk on d same thing but NOT this tym.Its an individual project sooo im still not used to it.working alone! yaa all by urself.SUCKS!!! stress ku lang.(haha.baru jua dua hari.Alum g start semester) =D

Mcm CSI rasa ku. hehe.

But forget about work!! KOP ASIAN TOUR(singapore).here i come babyyy.! =D

p/s : Dosai..Haha. =D Nw mau eat katam!

.Jul 19, 2009 ' 8:17 PM Y


I just got back from eating out with my parents and shopping kain utk raya.Wee. =) ada dah kain raya! semangat.Hehe.

Me and my niece aly meeza tdi d Mall Foodcourt.She's not spoiled but she just get everything that she wants! =)

I wanna ceta about yesterday.Bbeh's SURPRISED b'day! =) We awal dah plan kan crash ya punya house sja arah Tutong and surprise her.We sampai there and ia lurus mandi.Haha.So us tapuk rah ya punya bilik and tunggu ya abis mandi.SUKSES!! ehe.tekajut baruk yaa.And she cried.Owwhh maniissss...Tpi in denial contact lens la apalaa. =D hahaha.She misses urg yg berada di sebarang sana alot so ada sedikit emusii kwn ku sorang aniee.Hugs.Ehe.

Yg came along were Mukee.Qayum.Kunaz.Mina.Mina.Nana.Ireni.Tnx!

Blowing up the balloon just before crashing her rumah!

Before going in! Sampat g kmi beriuh nda jua kedepatan kmi dtg.Hehe.

Ireni.Mina & me

Kelaparan tah kmi ani nunggu delivery pizza sampai! And while waiting as usual ketawa nda beranti.Had a great time! *to the verry* hehe. ;p

So hope u had fun on ur b'day beh! =) we love you```

Went home lpas mkn and all.Tnx belanjaaa` Hari2 lah kmi surprise kan ko supaya hari2 kana belanja.Hehehe! :D

p/s : k then ppl!


-call her YAS 4short
-November 9th is d birthday
-UBD (B.science edu Major: Chemistry, Minor : Maths)
-Loves to have fun!!
-Singing is the passion..
-To travel around the world is the dream.


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