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.Oct 30, 2009 ' 9:48 AM Y


Last sunday my brother abg ijam going to Mecca ada werk to do i think! Leaving his wife and kids.Owhh kesiann. =)

Before that we ada function doa selamat di umah but i didnt get to take pictures cz i was bz a bit.

So after that all of us families went to the airport nganterinn.. ehe.

Nuthing much but waiting and waiting for the bg ijam to go in.Bataahh.

Abg ajis.Abg Ejud.Uncle Umar was there too.

That night was the same night MAN UTD vs LIVERPOOL. Left : Abg najib (MAN U fan #1 kununn) and Right : abg eddy (humbleness of LIVERPOOL fan #2) but then..hehe.. =D

Syasya on action!

After dat me and Him went home tukar baju kjb pastu straight away off to JP for the REDS match.I was nervous psl Liverpool kalah beturut2.But unexpectedly they did well.. wohoo.

Before the match..

He never wears jersey before but i made him.Hehe.Hugs!

Some of the crowds at the gathering.Semangat mau tau..Haha!

As always me and my emotional behaviour meliat bula.I never sit still wen it comes to liverpool man almost scoring the goals and it was such a great feeling when Torres scored the first one followed by the last minute goal. 2-0 that is.hahaha!

You'll never walk alone baby!

Torres liverpool's #9.too bad Gerrard injured,he might score another goal. =)

Then PLAYGROUNDS. Its been a while..hehe.I love swings.But hate sea-saw!! but i love you baby! =D

Watcha call this? spiderweb? No?

2 burgers for the two goals! We had FUN!!


.Oct 21, 2009 ' 4:10 PM Y


Last sunday we go KB..msih ku inda phm the difference between KB and Seria..! Sama jua tu belait kan?? Knpa ada urg ckp lain atuu? Hmm..Anywayy going there psl Wan open house. =) FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! Hehe.

Batah ku inda photo2 sama u Mimi.Hehe!

*Damai* Haha! majal damai nya anie dri masa atu.

Esen nie senyum2 begambar padahal lapaarr..And..and..and kann..Hahaha..Dats all i cud say! Malas ku beceritaa..

Eyy awaa eyhh..Semua warna unggu!! hahaha..Maniss

Mana baby kuu??

Then2.Me&him&. Mukee&Qayyum.Off to the Arcarde.Dat was my first tym ke arcade KB.Haha.Sakai!

K-Box is a must babyy!!

Lapass atu balikk umah.Then2 kan baru mcm setangah jam i got home.Ada cia urg atuu msg ya open house juaa..mcm dari tdi nada ya mbgto.Haha! So i decided to jln sma my family first for dinner then barutah menyampati ke umah c HAPIZ yg last minut ya mbgto open house..Haha. *marah*

Sebenarnya kami sanggup ke umah mu piz pslnya kmi kan ngurek nie stunt2 utk Amazing Race aa.Haha! Mau jua $2000.Haha! =D

p/s : Bah okay den.Im going for a jog dulu.Haha! Udahnya kan belawan tuu.. ehe.

.Oct 17, 2009 ' 11:55 AM Y


I was in the middle of a lecture and i looked at the date.It was 14th of Oct.And i thought "apa ada today aaa? Shoot!! The talent show!! " I totally forgot about it and damn i have not practiced at ALL!! =D

I left my fone arah him so ngalih ku keluar balik2 from the lecture and mencari urg kan minjam hp.Haha.Thnx to Hafiz for saving the day.And so i decided i'll be duing the audition for FUN!! yes for FUN.Its been a while sudah ku alum merasa standing on the stage and sing! So i did it! Thanks to Ejoy and Boboy for willing to do it at the very last minute!! We practised like 2 HOURS before the show.Antam sjaaa.. =)

Practising before the audition!

Since batah dah kmi inda perform.I was damn nervous.Banar2.mcm inda pernah perform ada jua. But wateverr.once we got on the stage.Im loving it!!

I screwed it a little.I lost the lyrics awal2 tym the 1st verse udah.So i wasnt feeling it 100%.I feel that i could have done better.NOT SATISFIED a bit,what do u expect?? it was a very last minute thing.Haha. but ntah aa i really had FUN! i really miss the old days when i got to perform and rawking wif UNDERGRiP the bandmates! But thanks to the HOLLYWUDIANS,my friends and my baby that supported us. =D woohoo..i woulnt have stand there if it wasnt for you guys.Big Hugs!

We did our best! To win or to lose NEVER matters! =) And inda complete rasanya nada Abg ejud and Pesal aa..


Im still waiting for mimi to upload the video and bbeh (bah laju update.Hehe ;p) for the "after audition" pictures.Will be updating it again if udah ada. =D Most of the pictures that i used here were taken by Reme and Nasrul.Thanks.
Last but not least i watched "PENDORUM" last thursday to released the stress that ive been having.but then makin stress ku pulang psl inda ku fhm cetanya.Hahaha! bah2 till den ppl. =)

.Oct 14, 2009 ' 12:00 AM Y


I just had my showerrrrrrr! nyaman rsanya. =) life been a hectic shit! sampai mandi pun ku jarang.Haha.nadawa..over. ;p Examz is sikit lagi around the corner.Hehe.Meaning inda g batah.Dem! i have not catch up with evrything.I dun even noe wat have i been duin.Maybe i sleep alot! nyaman bah tidur atuu..I antar kubil off to UK masa atu.. =)

Awww.kesian.. =') Gd luck cuz.Hehe.Take a gud care of urself yea.

Mcm kami tah plg yg belayar nie.Hehe.

Me&baby, my sis and nurul ke food zone gdg after dat!

Loves2.. <3>

And..and..Unis been good. =) in terms of having fun.Haha.bukan studies plg.

Im so in love wif these two ppl. =)


Okay.I wanna go to sleep now.Gudnyt!! N yess! sleeping is my sweetest addiction masa anie.Hehe.
p/s : Baby thanks for watching close over me almost everynyt before i sleep.
=) And that makes my sleep even sweeter.

.Oct 8, 2009 ' 11:27 PM Y

"SYAWAL 2009"

Woohoo! Ahirnya aku rajin jua mengupdate raya ku.. =) psl i cudnt find my SONY cable anywhere so bejaruk tah dulu my pics dlm my camera.Haha! Beusaha jua ku nie lagi mentransfer g ke mmc..eyh bah naleh ku pnjg2 beceta anie. ehe.straight to the point bah!
My first day of raya => Awesomee as always! Convoy dari pagi sampai tgh2 malam. =)

wif sis in laws

Cuzins.. <3
The boys sama nini =)

Pretty ladies..


i cudnt upload byk picures cud i? Hehe.Bukan jua FB nie.Haha.pakan!

Den my 2nd day of raya.

Nada kaja nie..Haha!

Raya sama the usual crowds..

Pastu Open house di umah..Sorry to those yg lupa beinvite and inda teinvite and to those yg nda dtg minta maaf rah ku taun dapan sja..Haha.Nadawaa.. =D

Datul.Blik sini every raya yea.. Inda siuk tu beraya UK atu.siuk sini.ada aku! Haha.

Masa kmi open house mcm biasa menyubuh lah a.We did lil fooseball competion! Kaluk tu ly piz manang aa..c jolin tu patut manang..Haha!

And then open house rah my sister.

knpa blurr anie kan? sapa lum mandi aniee? Haha.Nabilah belayar udah k UK just recently.Nun jauh d sana.Hehe!

I wana be kids back again.Byk ampau and tau durang mkn gula2 sja.ehe..

And sometimes lau buring beraya.PSP sja sama baby. =)

First day of skul after raya sucks! Haha.i want more holidays.

Okay selamat hari raya!!

My raya was great! =)


-call her YAS 4short
-November 9th is d birthday
-UBD (B.science edu Major: Chemistry, Minor : Maths)
-Loves to have fun!!
-Singing is the passion..
-To travel around the world is the dream.


Anything that makes me happy =)



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