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.Dec 28, 2009 ' 7:57 PM Y


I knoww..ive been not updating much =) i guess im busy.A lil lazy f i must say.Hehe.Anyway yea ive been bz with my cousin's wedding. Going back home subuh2 from my cuz's and woke up like 4-5 patang? And then kesana semula around 7p.m.So i dun even have the tym to switch on my laptop.Here's a quick updates for december.

RTB carnival

I couldnt remember much about psl the rtb carnival,it was on early december,totaly forgot about it udah.Hehe.But some of my cousins were performing tho.

Big Congrats to :

Kaka Wani@Aimi - The violin feat L-one
Alai Ak @Ehsan- The Flute feat Maria
Nizah@Nizzy- Dancer
Baby Ak@Ihti - Dancer
AbgKumpuan@Faizul - A band once

Haha..Jadi artist kamu anie udah aa.. =D

I spent most of my holiday tym sama my baby.Since he started his semester this month so we used the tym jalan2 before we find ourselves getting busy soon. =) we went for a MIRI trip..

I cant believe that its the end of the year udah..So much good and bad things happened throughout the year..

Starbucks is a must!!

Other than that.We just cruised around and dining in.Watching movie and all.The latest movie that we watched was "SANTAU"..bulih laa..i just realized that horror movies nowadays,getting similar semuanya.The story line and antunya pun kan sama.So boring udah.but Santau was a 7 in rating.

And i did NO sports this holiday.Netball one time then no more after that.Haha.mana inda lampuh kan makan sja! but hey who cares..man above still loves me..kan??

My friends semua pigi KK! damn! damn! damn! I cant psal my cuzin's wedding.I cant skip the function.i wanna follow but family always comes first.Hehe.Next yer masih ada holiday for vacation pun.biarcia this new yer eve sama the family =) Soo hang out with them before they went to KK.Lepak d taurean and tejumpa c redz.

Kami main the game "TUMBLING MONKEY"..Haha..bising tarus the cafe.We laughed hard and the game was great,will beli it for me nanti.Hee.

Kunaz and qayum was there too.

Thats it for now i guess.I'll be updating my activities arah my cuzin on my next post okayy``


.Dec 9, 2009 ' 9:02 PM Y


Yes we went to the dst carnival last saturday nyt but ke shabu2 earlier,Ireni's buffday treat.Hee. =) Thanks babe..


Mukee and qayum was there too tpi balik awal.And gmbar kamu blum ku upload yth nada gmbar kamu sini.Hehe..

Masa before exam i was craving for Tom Yam.so yess tom yam was my choice =) Nymannn dsana! not too hot for me..

After that barutah ke dst carnival..

I thought ada c Utt dat nyt lyk last year tpi nada..Hehe.sunday ja ya ada.Meet up with Mimi sana.

we were just waiting for the fireworks,nada kami buat apa2 sana atu.kan mkn kanyang jua sudah.i dun get to eat the kambing dis yer,hmm..psl ramai urg.

Hey hottie..! ;D glad he was around,standing there doing nuthing was quite huhh..boring! But the fireworks was worth to wait.it was beautiful! =) Seeing it with you makes it more beautiful sayang..

Mina and Bahit almost missed the fireworks..Hehe..

The nyt din end there,went Le'stadium after..LIVERPOOL match..vs Black burn..Hehe.

Look whos theree...c Bbehhh...Hugss!! Ko mesti jalan sma kmi nantii..and hope ure duin fine sana k bby.. loves2..

Okay dats it for now i guess.. =) Thnx to nana for all the photos...

.Dec 7, 2009 ' 2:03 PM Y


Ive lost contact with my life for about 3 weeks? yes? hehe. And im glad that exam's over now.Cz it feels like hell! Going through it was like entah.Headache just to think of it.Its my third year in Uni now and it never gets easier from semester to semester.

And these are some of the things that EXAMS can do to you. =)

Hahahaha! Paloiii... =D stressed out berabis udahh..

We gotta haf a laugh break in between of the studying ryt and hell yeaa we almost lose our minds!

Red bull was like our savior.Made us stay awake andddd...hyper!! Haha.No redbull equal to kusut ngantuk and tidurrr.. So i wonder berapa byk gula udah in our body due to that extreme red bull intake.haha!

Digiman appeared out of nowhere,I will folloow you whereverrr u may gooo.Haha.jobless usulnya kan? bukan jobless tuu gila udahh..

Then the serious part.Fly high``````` masih nie ah background music nyaa..

sampai exam inda ku phm inorganic chem atu eyhh..damn! i struggled in understanding that course.I guess im very weak in imagining things in 3d anime so yea.its hard!! cz the course was all about that shit.

Bisai usulnya teranah aa..

and back to playyy.abis tah kli udah paper aahh..

and i looked like a shit head..

Yogaa session?? =) i dont think so..We did a photoshoot too..nani tah update the picturess

sampat gi kami celebrate hari raya haji masa atuu.OPEN ROOM they say..hehe

With that i would like to say thanks to all of you frens.We made it again together (the revising part i mean,the result still in process.ehe) this sem,! Especially to my baby for the endless support,being there whenever im in needs,dgni sampai tgh2 malam and all.i apreciate all that sayang.thank you and love you soo much.ure the best! =)

p/s : Holidayyyyyyyyy!!!! Yayy.haha..


-call her YAS 4short
-November 9th is d birthday
-UBD (B.science edu Major: Chemistry, Minor : Maths)
-Loves to have fun!!
-Singing is the passion..
-To travel around the world is the dream.


Anything that makes me happy =)



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