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.Jan 25, 2010 ' 8:20 PM Y

"Nana's B'day surprise"


Saturday was the day Nana turned 22...yes?? And sushi treat for us! =)

Me,mukee,bbeh and mina sampai early,kalau part makan kami paling awal lah tu sampai..haha.

And ketawaaa sjaaaa...ketawaa sampai kana tarik telinga.. ;p i could not stop laughing when anak dua org atu around me..haha..

=) senyum saja..Hehe.Sapa yg byk makan diam2 sja.

Happy birthday again Nana.Love you... =) And Thank you.

Owh btw ive watched "daybreker" last friday..Okay lah..boring jua masih "district 9" atu.. =D


.Jan 21, 2010 ' 9:24 PM Y

"Little Things"


You get well soon =)

.Jan 18, 2010 ' 6:18 PM Y

HH "Lifee ohh lifee.."

New semester started last monday..back to that hectic life that i hate a little =) Baru jua seminggu udah kana bgi assignments,presentation and all.And DEADlines!! So i knew i'll be busy..and i felt that it would be nice to just hang around with them friends before uni starts masa atuu..

So yea..Went shopping with Mai..Hehe..

Ke sana kemari ke sana kemari..had a hard time choosing what's better and what's not. Haha.But it was fun! =D sangal jua kaki sedikit..hahaha..atu baru di sini balum lagi we shop together arah other country..hehe..a day wont be enuf kali!

Love u always babe.I wish that we could do this more often.Miss story telling everyday like how we used to =') i guess masa balum mengizinkan..hehe..Wow!! atu deep..hehe. isit gud enuf?? jadi jiwang sedikit baaahh..hahaha..

And then somehow i craved for sushi..! dont blame me.. =D

I wasnt a big fan of sushi before..but then i realized that im very liking it.. =)

And we are not very good at using those chopsticks! selalu! Hahahaha..siann tani baby.

And then it was weekend,i remembered that my last saturday nyt masa holiday,i had no idea where to go to.Baik jua mina reminded me about the gig arah JP.Gmie,our rugby buddy performed that nyt and alsoo kaka wani pun jua performed which i din know masa atu.

so inda sampat liat kaka wani.But i bet she did great!

EpicFrequency was the band's name..they did awesome!

at least we got something to do that nyt.Because im not a staying home type of person.I dont really like the idea of staying home batah2 doing nothing especially! (unless im veryyy damn tired!).I mean i easily get bored y'know.

We had a great time! and gig's still the same like every gig that ive been to.Typical bruneian which includes me,Meliat gig macam urg meliat TV..haha..If arah other countries they would be like head banging and dance to the beat,but we ppl here comfortable with siting down and just watch.. =D but D'HASk made the difference.U rock guys!

Owh well..I miss those days..with my bands rockin that stage!

and kami jamming last week.atu batah.We'been planning for weeks and weeks but some of us inda dpt until last week barutah.Haha.Ksian! not only that miss playing music with them,i miss hanging out with them too.. =)

Thanks pesal for belanja us.Hehe.Nyaman rupanya burger arah kadai bawah music crib atuu..Banarr! nahh i soo want that burger now..hmm..

Okay.Now guess what happened here?? Balum pun holidayy lagii..and they were sleeping overr at my place.Haha.

As usual,dvd-ing cerita antu til late night.Ujan lagi labat tym atu and i always say kalau time ujan, "if ujan2 anie biasanya antunya pigang baby nie"..hahaha..majal!!

Makan2 masak sendiri.Meruah dapur sendiri.Believe it or not,i was still teaching my tuition class and durang sudah ada di rumah.Bisai.. Hehe..I went back home they were playing big two.

We really..really enjoyed the night.

awww... hugs!

Pizz..jgn marah aku simpan gmbar anie..Haha! Thanks for coming piz..next tym lagi.we do BBq bisai.Okay..??

bah atu panjangggggg...ngalih ku..toodles`` =)

.Jan 10, 2010 ' 10:58 PM Y


Hang out with the usual crowds time new year masa atuu..went to Mangrove paradise resort mula-mula mengupi and end up sekajab saja d sana psl the kadai tutup awal,we sampai there around 10p.m and the kadai close at 10p.m jua.Haha! Wasted!

Lawa jua lah the place,have been planning kan check in di sana but ntah balum gi.It can waits. =)

Off we went to coffee bean bandar after that!

Alsooo.sekajab saja kami di sana,pasal Mina and Bahit told us ada fireworks d empire,yes!? we totally forgot about fireworks yg endang pun every year ada arah empire,biar plg kusut inda tau ke mana kan pigi! Hehe.

Ke pantai tungku tah kami tarus pasal takut jammed!

And the fireworks atu inda jua berubah..sama sja pun...!! Mau2 jua kan meliat bunga api atu.Haha.And still watching it with the same person.Love you baby! =)

And aku curi gmbar bunga api anie from someone,u know who you aree....Haha! pasal my camera poklen inda dpt gmbar bunga api yg lawa atuu..Hehe.

My new year's resolutions??

"WORK HARD! PLAY HARD!" and moreee..


.Jan 9, 2010 ' 6:05 PM Y


And finally..the wedding! im a little late in updating stuffs =) well anywayy..The venue was arah UBD chancellor hall.When i think of that hall,i remeber exams.Haha! psl disana tah kami exam.Bah2 let the pictures do the talking.byk g kan ku update nie. =)

Purple and white was the theme.Ka imah looked beautiful. =')

so all of us were busy,giving souveniers and all..

The boys.

The ladies.Semua durang bangun awal kan usai2 rambut.but me?? haha.nyaman g tidur ku.My hair was the least of my worries. =)

But they all looked pretty.

My sisters in law.

Hello Baby!

The family photo.We like!! Hehe

My whole family that is.It all went great!

Then malam ambil-ambilan..

The choice of blue,was lawaaaaaaa...

That was our last nyt kan beramai2 untill next time.Boreng.Its not that kami inda jumpa lagi plg,but functions like this was fun for us despite the tiredness of bejaga2 tym subuh.

Sama abg ejud and nizzah.

ani pose wajib ni eyh.haha.

Congratulation Ka imah and abg ami..hapy Honeymoon! Hehe.We love you!

.Jan 8, 2010 ' 4:35 PM Y


We were like divided into three groups among cousins and were given TAG LINES from cerita p-ramlee.For example,my group was given this four tag lines :-

1) Aini..angkat kain hujan jemuran dah turun!
2) Kan engkau tau kesukaan ku ialah belacan? mengapa kau masuk sayur asam tak campur belacan?
3) hai mambang tanah,mambang air,mambang angin,mambang api,mambang mambuk minum brandy.
4)Jangan kata telur,kepala gajah pun kalau engkau nak man,makanlah.haji bakhil sanggup

So we hafto make a story using these lines and mesti connected! I was the group leader and i hafto fikirkan the story line and also membuat the scripts.haha.initially,i thought that it was gonna be hard,since we only had like 2 days saja to finish the script and practice.It sounds almost impossible but we made it!! =D all of us made it..idea comes flawlessly..hehe.

The first team to performed was group "siluman naga berantai bertataskan perak" if im not mistaken lah the group name.pasal panjang ahh durang buat nama group durang.Hahaha!

Their story was about three siblings going camping and tejumpa lampu ajaib (which was kettle) haha.and ada "jihin" giving them three wishes.But the three wishes dat they got semua mcm salah. =D The mantera part was funny "satu untuk engkau..satu untuk aku...dua untuk kau..dua untuk aku.."

Then second to performed was us.. group "si mambang castello"..One of our tag lines was about mambang atu so i haf no choice to name the character mambang..Haha..It turned out niceeee.. =)

Our story was about a guy yg mengurat bini2 lawaa.Mula2 romantic plg.Manisss..Tapi after they got married things changed.Belacan pun kan durang kelaie kan.The wife transformation from suweett tu pemarah.Hehe =p

Pecayaa kamu akuu jadi one of the guyss?? Hahaha..psl not enuf boys in our team. =) .Besumittt!!! Haha..The pelayan india role played by Nurul was funny too..

Lastly was group "8 orang jejaka manith" hehe..

their tag lines was the hardest of all..but they made it thru..congrats!

Baby Ak jadi "members" haha..the guy yg ngurat ia nda tau ya sebenarnya lelaki.haha.Sikit g kan kawinn.nasib!

My group was the WINNER.Yayy! =D

The blink was also performing..Dancing i want nobody2 but you..How cuteee.. =)

And thats what i lovee about us! We lovee performing.Its like in our blood kli udah.The singing,the dancing,the acting! =) And this was not our first time acting arah our cousins function actually.We did it masa my sister kawin jua.Hehe.Siuk!


-call her YAS 4short
-November 9th is d birthday
-UBD (B.science edu Major: Chemistry, Minor : Maths)
-Loves to have fun!!
-Singing is the passion..
-To travel around the world is the dream.


Anything that makes me happy =)



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